Gallery: Model of the Month - 1998

Model of the Month - January, 1998

Another night of scale models at NIRA. Rick Gaff won adult with his Mercury-Atlas.
Matthew Duckworth won Youth with his Nike-Apache.

Model of the Month - February, 1998

Joe Nowak took Adult with his really cute Boyce Aerospace 1/100 scale Mercury-Redstone.
John McCallum took Youth with his nicely done Estes Sidewinder.

Model of the Month - March, 1998

Tom Pastrick in Adult with his new and improved Topkat.
John McCallum was the back-to-back winner in Youth with his Estes Little Joe II.

Model of the Month - April, 1998

Kimber Guzik in Adult with her nicely finished Bullet.
Mark Soppet won in Youth with his equally nicely finished Sizzler.

Model of the Month - May, 1998

Bob Kaplow won Adult with his RalphCo Flying Crayon.
Matthew Duckworth won Youth his impressive 4H Championship-winning S1A Archer.

Model of the Month - June, 1998

It's Scale Night! Bob Wiersbe won Adult with his Centuri Little Joe II.
Pierre Miller won Youth with his MX-774 Hiroc.

Model of the Month - July, 1998

John Guzik won in Adult with his Nike Ajax (a Launch Pad kit).
Michael Guzik won Youth with his LOC Aura, which he had launched the week before at NCNF on an Aerotech F50!

Model of the Month - August, 1998

Mark Soppet won in Youth with an Estes Twister.

Model of the Month - September, 1998

Yet again another Scale night at NIRA Model of the Month. Tom Pastrik was Adult winner with his scratch built Bomarc. That's the 3rd place NARAM-40 C Division Scale trophy Tom is holding he had received just the month before for his Bomarc.
Nick Piette won in Youth with his nicely done Estes Sidewinder.

Model of the Month - October, 1998

Rick Gaff with his NCR Interceptor G.
John McCullum swept Youth with his Estes Juno C.

Model of the Month - November, 1998

Norm Dziedzic and his scale John Hancock Center.
Daniel McCullum was Youth winner with his finely finished Estes Dart.

Model of the Month - December, 1998

Norm Dziedzic and his Flying Dutch Boy. Norm got stained with disapproval for this unpainted model, but rolled over the competition to barely cover the Adult division. The "body" tube is 3 paint rollers and for fins Norm used four paint brushes.
Mark Soppet won in Youth with his modified Falcon.