Northern Illinois
Rocketry Association

NAR Section 117

NIRA Contact Information

You're welcome to contact the following persons for additional information including the most recent schedule of local NIRA sponsored events. Our Contact Persons also are "in the know" about other sport rocketry events throughout the Midwest.

General Club Information

For general information, please e-mail us at

Youth Group, Scout Group Information

NIRA hosts launches for Scout and other youth groups throughout the year. For more information, or to schedule an event, please e-mail us at


Membership applications are available from this site and may be printed and mailed, or brought to any club meeting (we cannot accept dues payments at most launches due to Forest Preserve regulations). For other questions, please e-mail us at

Club Officers

NIRA Committee Chairs

NIRA Expertise

If you're stuck on a problem or want to know something about a new area of sport rocketry you want to explore, where do you turn? One of the greatest benefits of being a NIRA club member is being able to ask questions of experienced people. The NIRA club member roster includes experts on many areas of rocketry, including...

This list is by no means complete! NIRA members are notorious for pointing newcomers toward the people who are best qualified to answer your questions on whatever aspect of the hobby that interests you.

If you have questions on these or any other rocketry topics, drop by a club meeting and we'll be happy to find your an answer!