Gallery: Model of the Month - 1999

Model of the Month - January, 1999

Emil Bartholet with this nicely done Terrier-Sandhawk. Emil had consulted Rockets of the World for the paint job, and came up with a real winner.

Model of the Month - February, 1999

Emil Bartholet won in Adult with his very nicely finished MRC Trailblazer 2. This is the second MRC Trailblazer that Emil has built.
Scott Goodwin brought is his scratch built Mars Transport in Youth. Many who attended were impressed with the low cost of this model. It's a paper plate, 4 Dixie cups, 2 medicine bottles, a spent D-engine casing and a plastic bag parachute. CHAD rocketry at its best!

Model of the Month - March, 1999

For this month's winning Adult entry Emil Bartholet brought in his Shotput. Emil used the Recuit boosters salvaged from his pranged MRC Trailblazer to build this impressive model.

Model of the Month - April, 1999

Peter Olivola and Matthew Duckworth are this month's winners. Peter's scratch built two-stage features a clustered 24mm booster staging to a single 24mm sustainer.
Matthew brought in a nicely done Estes Mercury-Atlas -- once again proving that NIRA loves scale rockets.

Model of the Month - May, 1999

Teddy Farmer shows off his Estes Sidewinder modified to accept 29mm engines.

Model of the Month - June, 1999

This month's winners are Adam Goodwin with his Estes Firebird in Youth.
John Barrett with his Estes Black Hole (nonfunctional static model) in Adult.

Model of the Month - July, 1999

Marty Schrader with his scratchbuilt Fantasy Scale NightStalker medium bomber. The SAFE missiles on the underside are scratch built from fuel tanks and ventral fins from a MiG-31 kit.
Beverly Fitzpatrick won the Youth category with her Sputnik (a newer version than what she flew at this year's MRFF).

Model of the Month - August, 1999

John Kouns built this model (based on the model on the front of an Estes Decal pack) to commemorate his son Andrew making Eagle Scout -- hence the name, Eagle Challenge. It uses Estes BT-80 with a Silver Comet nose cone.

Model of the Month - September, 1999

Mark Soppet displays his Quest DC-Y Delta Clipper.
Adult winner, Ron Kaminski, displays a nicely done four color fade on an Aerotech Initiator.

Model of the Month - October, 1999

Youth winner is Andrew Kramer with his all black Estes SWAT.
Adult winner is John Barret with his Launch Pad Matra "Magic" R.550.

Model of the Month - November, 1999

Adult winner is Joe Nowak and his scratch-built Scud missile. Joe built this rocket from plans and rolled all his own tubes and cones.

Model of the Month - December, 1999

Youth winner is Mark Soppet with a Quest kit he bashed into an X-15D (advanced) glider.
Adult winner is Norm "Odd Roc" Dziedzic with his flying Christmas ornament, the FAO Schwarzkopf.