Gallery: Model of the Month - 2000

Model of the Month - January, 2000

Pierre Miller and the NAR president Mark Bundick win Youth and Adult categories this month with Maxi and Mini Bumper V2's.
There were several other nice V2 models present, dubbing it "NIRA White Sands Month."

Model of the Month - February, 2000

Youth winner is Mark Soppet with a new Estes Heatseeker.
Adult winner is Tim Johnson with his custom built Saturn C-2 based on an old NASA proposal.

Model of the Month - March, 2000

Youth winner is Beth Pleimling with her Custom Rockets Freedom she build with just a little help from Dad.
Our Adult winner is Ken Goodwin with his Custom Matra.

Model of the Month - April, 2000

Cal Justice holds his Adult-winning, black glassed, Big Bertha.
Beth Pleimling shows her rocket from the National Hobby show Make-it, Take-it booth.

Model of the Month - May, 2000

Tim Cordes displays his never flown Mach Buster.
Bill Wisvader shows his scale Nike Smoke, bashed from the remains of an Estes Python.

Model of the Month - June, 2000

Jeremy Shafton is our Youth winner.
Bob Wiersbe won in the Adult category with his Black Brandt.

Model of the Month - July, 2000

Adrian Butler shows off his Little Joe II Adult category winner.
Pierre Miller displays his scratchbuilt Ariane 4.

Model of the Month - August, 2000

Greg Cisko wins the Adult category with his Estes Mercury-Redstone.

Model of the Month - September, 2000

Bob Kaplow wins the Adult category with his upscale Cloud Hopper bearing Bunny's likeness.
Adam Goodwin shows off his Flying Pharmacy which wins the Youth.

Model of the Month - October, 2000

Mark Soppet with a boost glider wins Youth.
Cal Justice with an Orbital Transport wins Adult.

Model of the Month - November, 2000

We had a tie in the Adult category this month between Norm Dziedzic's Mini Endeavour and Greg Cisko's Estes Honest John.
Tim Cordes wins the Youth award with his Quest Courier.

Model of the Month - December, 2000

Veronica Hojek shows off her Youth-winning Goliath.
Adult winner Joseph Frank and his Purple Haze.