Gallery: Model of the Month - 2001

Model of the Month - January, 2001

Mark Soppet displays a model he built for this physics class.
Dave Ketchledge brought in his scratch built Delta Clipper sporting hundreds of hand cut tiles and took home the Adult award.

Model of the Month - February, 2001

Greg Cisko shows off his Estes Mercury-Atlas.
Alex Wallis wins our Youth class with his Estes Rattler 7.

Model of the Month - March, 2001

Dean Hemmingson shows his fiberglassed NCR Lance Beta.
Joe Provenzano displays his Youth-winning NCR Patriot.

Model of the Month - April, 2001

Adult winner Loni Howard with his PML IO (named 'My First "Missile"').
Youth winner Victoria House with her Estes FireFlash.

Model of the Month - May, 2001

Dave Ketchledge with his PML Bullpup in Adult.
Victoria House with her Estes X-Ray in Youth.

Model of the Month - June, 2001

Ryan Ochs displays his winning Youth entry -- an excellently finished Estes Fat Boy.
The Adult winner is Stella Howard with "Tryptophan," a very modified Maxi Alpha 3.

Model of the Month - July, 2001

Mark Soppet's Estes Python was the winning Youth entry.
Adam Elliot's scratch built Delta II was the winning Adult entry.

Model of the Month - August, 2001

Cally Soukup won the Adult category with her Custom SAM-X.
Alex Wallis captured the Youth category with his LOC 'Lil Nuke.

Model of the Month - September, 2001

Victoria House's Estes Mean Machine won her the Youth category.
Joe Franck's scratch built X-1 won him the Adult category.

Model of the Month - October, 2001

Youth winner Riley Montag hold his Estes Eliminator.
Kevin Keehn with his Ring Leader (originally from Enterprise Rockets, now available from Fat Cat Rockets).

Model of the Month - November, 2001

Bob Kaplow holds his scratch built Milkbone.
Victoria House holds her Aerotech Aerospike that she built at the Hobby Show and is now signed by Homer Hickam.

Model of the Month - December, 2001

David Wallis poses with his L2 certification rocket -- a 2.5X upscale of his son Alex's LOC 'Lil Nuke. Called, "Big Nuke," it sports a 54mm main engine mount with three 29mm outboards. The certification flight was a success!