Gallery: Model of the Month - 2002

Model of the Month - January, 2002

Mark Soppet holds his scratch built copy of the Estes Night Hawk glider.
Alex Wallis displays his Estes Fat Boy

Model of the Month - February, 2002

Marty Schrader won the adult category with his scratch-built Just Plain Rocket.
Victoria House took the youth category with her Holverson/Fun Rockets Swinger.

Model of the Month - March, 2002

Mary Hojek holds her pair of Youth winners -- Estes Alphas built for a school science fair.
Andy Montag's crayon rocket is completely scratch, including the label he drew on his computer.

Model of the Month - April, 2002

Cody Pinchot won the Youth category with his Estes Bullpup.
Todd Bavery took the Adult category with his Binder Sprint.

Model of the Month - May, 2002

Victoria House with her winning, scratch built, D engine, unnamed, rocket.
John Boren with his Starship Excalibur clone.

Model of the Month - June, 2002

John Boren and his winning, but uncovered, upscale LadyHawk (a Dr. John Kallend design). This rocket features two engines, a delta wing configuration, and R/C guidance. This rocket was covered in some detail in later editions of The Leading Edge.

Model of the Month - July, 2002

Chuck Swindler won the Adult division with his PML Tethys.
Cody Pinchot shows off his excellently detailed Quest Navaho AGM.

Model of the Month - August, 2002

This month's adult winner was Chuck Swindler with a scratch-built rocket with a three-engine 18mm cluster. He hasn't yet named his creation.

Model of the Month - September, 2002

Cody Pinchot won in Youth with his Dynamic Courier from Custom.
Marty Schrader won in Adult with a scratch-built two-stage, Just Plain Rocket with Really Elaborate Booster. Those booster fins actually have holes in them.

Model of the Month - October, 2002

Mark Knapp was the Adult winner with a LOC Minnie-Mag that he named "Escher 1

Model of the Month - November, 2002

Adult winner Todd Bavery shows off his rebuilt Velociraptor from Binder Design.

Model of the Month - December, 2002

Marty Schrader's scratch-built helicopter recovery rocket, Whirling Death from Above, won the Adult category.