Gallery: Model of the Month - 2005

Model of the Month - January, 2005

Marty Schrader won Adult with his Sky Grabber, an altitude/duration rocket featuring carbon fiber fins, a conical balsa nose cone, and an epoxy-reinforced balsa flow boattail.

Model of the Month - February, 2005

Marty Schrader used his Slug, a pseudo-scale sounding rocket, to win the Adult category.

Model of the Month - May, 2005

Marty Schrader shows his Sound Decision, a weather-worn, pseudo-scale sounding rocket. This rocket has five fins attached to the balsa tail cone.

Model of the Month - July, 2005

Carol Vaia won Adult with her very clean Forté.
Carol's grandson Frank DiMatteo takes another Youth title with his winning SR-71, which he later flew at the August club launch.

Model of the Month - August, 2005

Here's Frank DiMatteo again, this time with his LOC Nuke Promax.
Marty Schrader with his unpainted Spindle Rework IV, a many-times-rescued rocket.

Model of the Month - September, 2005

Frank DiMatteo with his Estes Heat Seaker.
Bill Ipjian shows off his nice BSD Horizon.