Gallery: Model of the Month - 2009

Model of the Month - January, 2009

Rick Gaff won Adult deploying his Laser-X. Joey Charaska took Junior with his Quark.

Model of the Month - February, 2009

Ed Chess won Adult with his scratch designed and built Gee Hod Goony Bird.

Model of the Month - March, 2009

New member Joseph Diethelm with the Adult honors by wowing the crowd with his flawless, scratch designed and built Gibson Flying V.
Son Joey Diethelm won Youth with his Pikachu that includes detachable floppy ears.

Model of the Month - April, 2009

The Adult winner was Don Kennedy with his upscaled Estes Guardian.
Youth was taken by Joey Diethelm again, this time using his Pokeball Launcher.
Junior went to Joey Charaska and his Water Rocket Egg Lofter.

Model of the Month - May, 2009

Joseph Diethelm took the Adult prize again, this time with his scratch designed and built Dragon.

Model of the Month - June, 2009

Ian Timberlake returned from college with his Ragnarok HPR school project to win Adult.
Junior went to Joey Charaska again. Joey showed his fairly well-used Cici to good effect.

Model of the Month - July, 2009

Tony Lentini got back in the saddle, winning Adult with his nicely finished reproduction Centuri Shuttle SST. Tony went through quite a bit of effort to get just the right parts to finish this reproduction accurately.
In Junior it was Joey Charaska once again. Joey's Teen Bertha is a salvage from some other rocketry gone bad, but it does a fine job of representing the midpoint between a Baby and a Big Bertha.

Model of the Month - August, 2009

In Adult it was Tony Lentini winning with his AQM-37A Jayhawk drone in factory demonstration colors. Tony's model shows the detailing and precision that make NIRA members love scale.
Junior went to Jon Mitchell again. Jon's model is decorated in "The Simpsons" finery.

Model of the Month - September, 2009

In Adult it was Tony Lentini, winning Yet Again with his BOMARC bomber interceptor missile in Air Force field deployment colors.
Tony's model is finished in markings and details that surpass most scale models of this size.

Model of the Month - October, 2009

Joseph Diethelm won Adult with his scratch designed and built Yellow Submarine, composed of multiple bottles and hand-crafted decals.
You know, it's possible to honor the Beatles too much...

Model of the Month - November, 2009

Adult honors were claimed by Tony Lentini with his Starlab

Model of the Month - December, 2009

Jason Griffin showing his winning HPR Red Max